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Fairy Tale Images:
Where Mermaids Sing

Artist: Johanna Lundqvist

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a unique work of art. This 10-page art folio will only be printed in 50 numbered copies which will all be signed by the artist herself.

It is printed in warm brown ink on highest quality Egyptian cotton paper (Conqueror Connoisseur 100% Cotton) in extra thick 300 grams quality. This paper will never turn yellow or grow brittle no matter how long you keep it. You can choose to be buried with it in your Egyptian step pyramid with the calm certainty that it will be just as beautiful in 3 000 years.

Conqueror Connoisseur 100% Cotton “is the benchmark for luxurious quality paper, a range that stands out for its understated elegance and classic look”

The covers are handmade in Sweden by knowledgeable master craftsmen. We naturally use the same high quality paper for the covers to create an overall pleasing sense of unity.

You are invited to collaborate in the art, which makes your purchase even more unique. You can, of course, frame and hang each image in its original state, or, as the artists originally intended, you can participate in the making of each picture by colouring it or working on it in other ways. The paper has been chosen for its superior qualities, its appealing look and texture, but also because it is well suited to different techniques such as watercolour, oil painting, pastels and ink.

A fairy tale image by Johanna Lundqvist  

Click the image to see one more. These pictures are but a pale version of the printed originals. It is when the warm brown ink meet the lush cream coloured texture of the paper that the magic really happens!

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Book facts

Year: 2010
Format: 10-page folio
Publisher: A&J Books
Price: 1 250 SEK

About the artist

Johanna Lundqvist
Johanna Lundqvist has been fascinated with fairy tales, mythical creatures and folklore in art and medieval illuminations all her life. This fascination has manifested in multifarious ways. Amongst other things it has inspired a number of fairy tale illustrations and paintings, some of which were published in the 80s.

For a number of years drawing played second fiddle to jewellery design and an interest for textile techniques. In the jewellery design process there is an element of drawing and suddenly various more or less grotesque fairy tale creatures began crawling out of the pen and onto the margins and other empty spaces. With that the idea of fairy tale illustrations for older children and adults was born.

Johanna’s jewellery has for instance been seen in a production of Schiller’s “Mary Stewart” at Malmoe City Theatre as well as in the exhibition Bling at Lödöse museum. Johanna has also managed to find the time to take photographs for a medieval cookbook and designed and manufactured the wedding jewellery for a number of brides’ heads during the last decade.

When Johanna is not subjugating silver filigree threads, collecting shiny treasures, building bridal bling, singing Irish folksongs, creating worlds with brushes and pencil or talks too much she makes a living as a nurse.


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